Mold in Bathroom St Louis

When mold begins to grow in your bathroom, it is important to get rid of all the small patches of it that you notice. You can accomplish this usually by simply wiping off the mold with a sponge or brush. However, if you do not manage to get rid of mold right when you notice it, it will spread to other areas of your bathroom.

Why Does Mold Appear In My Bathroom Shower, Bathtub, & Sink?

Mold may be growing in your bathroom for a number of reasons.  Showers and bathtubs are areas in bathrooms where mold can often be found. Soap scum and body oil residue that is washed off during a shower and onto the tub can provide a food source for mold. In addition to the creation of a food source, running water and steam can permit the humidity of an environment that fosters mold to keep spreading. This also explains why your sink and basin can be a spot for mold to accumulate.

Make Sure Your Drain Isn’t Blocked

Some drains can end up not properly getting rid water quickly enough. It may be from poor drain design, but usually, these issues are from the drain building up too much residue. Whenever the rate of water that is not getting drained is slower than the rate of water that is coming out of the faucet, water build up occurs. This build-up can cause clogging and, if not taken care of immediately, can harbor mold growth. If you need help getting rid of a blocked drain and removing mold, ABC Contracting would be delighted to assist you in the mold removal process and restoring the functionality of your drain.

Removing Mold in Bathroom

If mold has managed to start growing in the sealer or walls and seems like you cannot get rid of it, even with special cleaning solutions like vinegar or bleach, you may wish to decide to have certain areas cut out and replaced. This may be a good idea considering there may be traces of hidden mold in your bathroom. Unfortunately, the only way to tell for sure without completely tearing apart your bathroom is to get a professional mold inspection done. Contact ABC Contracting today to have a conversation about how we can keep your bathroom mold free.