Smoke & Fire Structural Repair St Louis

When a fire disaster occurs, it is always devastating. However, consider yourself fortunate if it the fire only influenced the aesthetics of structures like the walls and windows. Others may not be as lucky, especially if the fire and smoke damage get so destructive that the foundational structure of a home or building is destroyed. When a foundational structure is compromised, the entire home or building becomes dangerous and vulnerable. When this happens, you will want to get a skilled team of structure repair experts to come to your property as fast as possible and implement a restoration solution that safely secures the foundation and permanently keeps your property intact.

Structure Evaluations St Louis

Are you concerned with whether or not your home or business is structurally sound after a fire or water disaster has occurred? Are you in need of an evaluation before proceeding with professional repairs? ABC Contracting would be delighted to assist you and is fully qualified to conduct a structural evaluation. When a structural problem exists at a home or business, you can rely on our highly trained team to find all the issues.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

ABC Contracting knows how aggravating and upsetting living through a fire or water disaster can be. There is a lot of confusion and many people have opinions on what is best for you to do after a tragedy occurs.  We have been serving both local and national communities for years now and is a company you can count on supply you with the high-end services that you need, when you need it, and until you have fully recovered. From remediation services to cleaning and structural repairs, ABC Contracting guarantees you will be satisfied with our team’s comprehensive strategy that will expedite the restoration process of your commercial or residential establishment.