St Louis Fire Damage Cleaning

Emergency Disaster Relief

Fire Damage Cleaning St Louis

Once a fire breaks out at your home or place of business, extinguishing the fire is only one of the primary priorities you will have to address. Additionally, the destruction from the fire will interfere with renovation efforts. Even if you have the manpower to get started clearing the debris, hiring a certified restoration team that is equipped to handle all your cleaning and removal jobs is going to save you time and make it easy to put an unfortunate situation a thing of the past. ABC Contracting helps you remove the odors and remnants of fire damage once and for all.

Structural Repair

Fast Fire Response Team

When fire damage effects are not dealt with in a speedy fashion, the after effects of lingering soot, smoke, and water can be even mor detrimental to your property space. Once ABC Contracting receives a call for fire damage help, a team is immediately assembled and dispatched to your property site. Our team understands that seconds matter when it comes to your personal possessions and we do not waste any time when getting to your site and starting to get control of the situation at hand. When you need a fast fire response team that is going to do a great job taking care of the fire damage right when you need it, you can rely on ABC Contracting.

Highly Skilled, Trusted Fire Clean Up

An average clean up job doesn’t cut it when it comes to properly handling a fire disaster. As a property owner, you want to be sure that when you hire a company – they do the job right, and they only do it one time. Fires leave behind odors in addition to smoke and soot damage that requires hard work and the right equipment to dispose of. You can depend on our professionally trained staff to handle any fire damage your home or business has undergone, big or small.

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