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Safe Asbestos Removal

If you have asbestos in your floor tiles you can do one of two things:

1. Remove The Tile

Not all sheet vinyl floors contain asbestos in the backing, so it is important to have it tested before you make your decision. We take a sample of your flooring and analyze it first. If it contains asbestos, you can attempt to remove it yourself or you can utilize our asbestos removal services. Our asbestos removal professionals take care to contain and minimize disturbance while using
the proper equipment and techniques. The tile removal will be completed by using either the in sections method or the peeling method. We complete the job by containing any debris, decontaminating the site, and properly disposing of the asbestos tiling.
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2. Cover The Tile

As long as your tiles are in mint condition and do not have any cracks or damaged spots, you can cover them up. If there happen to be damaged areas in the tile, sealing them with an epoxy or any other clear restorative coating is the first step. Clean the area you will seal, never scrubbing or sanding it. Let the whole area dry and then coat it with your sealant. This will seal in the asbestos best.
The best type of coverings for floor tiles are carpeting or installing a new flooring over top the old flooring. Now if you are covering tiles in a basement, avoid carpet due to dampness and pursue the new flooring option. If you choose the new flooring, be sure to not disturb the damaged or sealed area. With this option, there will be no more damage to the old tiles.
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Disclose Asbestos Covered Tiles

Be sure to disclose any information when selling your home and let the new homeowners know about the sealed or covered asbestos tiles. Not letting new homeowners know can be hazardous if they choose to tear up new flooring and are exposed to old asbestos tiles.

Making the right decision on your asbestos tiles is important and your health should be considered when deciding. Whether you plan to remove it or cover it, consult with professionals. Give ABC Contracting a call today at (314) 582-3611!

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