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All asbestos material in commercial and residential buildings needs to be safely removed so people no longer have to suffer from the dangers that asbestos presents. At ABC Contracting, we offer professional asbestos removal services that put safety first while removing all hazardous material quickly and completely.

Asbestos insulation material was commonly implemented in homes and buildings until the late 19th century. News of the dangers it causes spread like wildfire and unfortunately, a lot of harmful asbestos material is out there. After continued exposure, that person is likely to get serious illnesses such as lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma. We are a passionate team of certified professionals and we are dedicated to eliminating the grave threat asbestos presents on the community. It is also why asbestos removal in St. Louis is a serious concern.

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In addition to asbestos removal St. Louis, we also offer related services aimed at making residential and commercial structures secure for occupation. Our other services feature asbestos testing, inspection surveysvinyl floor tiles, popcorn ceiling removal, vermiculite insulation in attics, and abatement.


The asbestos removal procedure consists of eradicating all material containing asbestos from the surface and into safe handling containers that can be properly disposed of at an approved site. Individuals not certified to work with asbestos should not be near the site when work is being done and need to be evacuated for their safety. For anyone who is looking to renovate or demolish their residential or commercial property, asbestos removal is required before proceeding.


  • Asbestos source is entirely eradicated
  • One time job, no further maintenance required


  • Most time-consuming asbestos procedure
  • Most costly asbestos procedure
  • Depending on the specific job, replacement material may be necessary
  • Workers exposed are at a high risk


Encapsulation refers to the method where using a bonding agent called sealant prevents asbestos fibers from escaping the material and causing harm. The sealant is applied over the surface using airless spray equipment and may require extra testing to ensure the sealant is working properly.

Sealant has a thick barrier that has unique properties:

  • Non-toxic
  • Withstands some impact
  • Flexible
  • Flame retardant
  • Deterioration Resistant

Encapsulation should be used in cases where further damage will not occur, but the material must support the weight of the sealant. Encapsulation is not a permanent solution and will need regular check-ups to ensure that the sealant is working over time.


  • Economical Technique
  • Reduces fiber release


  • Asbestos still present underneath the sealant
  • Encapsulation can lead to harder asbestos removal later on
  • Regular Maintenance required


Asbestos enclosure refers to when a physical barrier (such as dry wall) is positioned between where asbestos is present and the rest of the building. If the enclosure is damaged then asbestos may be released into the building.


  • Quick and Easy to implement
  • Economical method


  • Asbestos source still present
  • Asbestos Fibers may continue being released behind the enclosure
  • Regular Maintenance required on the enclosure
  • Temporary fix, and removal will eventually need to happen

Certified Asbestos Experts

Asbestos removal in St. Louis is an extremely dangerous job and workers take high risks entering every situation. It must exclusively be left to professionals that are authorized by law to perform removal services. The ABC Contracting team comprises of experienced and certified asbestos experts that you can depend on for fast and safe asbestos removal in St. Louis and Metro East regions. If you are in a home or office building built prior to the 1980’s, get the property inspected or tested immediately – especially if the property is being occupied.

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Whether you are in need of asbestos removal service in St. Louis or just have concerns about how asbestos might be present on your property – We are here to offer our help! Do not wait until something terrible happens to deal with Asbestos, ask for an inspection today!

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Working with a trusted contractor like ABC Contracting for my clients is a must! I'd recommend to everyone!
Great company to do business with. i had a pipe break in my kitchen the contractor Will came out immediately and talked it over with me and got it all dried out for me while he sent my insurance a quote. ONce my insurance was approved his team came over and professionally removed everything and cleaned up all their mess which was great. would recommend 100%read more
My basement flooded and the project manager Will came out and was very helpful. He really understood the needs my wife and I had. Will was very knowledgeable, professional and educational. They did an excellent job with the cleanup. ABC Contracting did the Abatement/Removal of Asbestos. They were very careful not to make a mess and cleaned up everything very nicely. Josh actually overlooked the Reconstruction/Rebuild. He was amazing. He worked with us every step of the way. Josh too is very professional and knowledgeable. The job was completed on the date we were given. I admit I was very impressed because I didn't think they would make it in time but they did. The basement looked 100% better than prior to the backup/flood - like a new basement. Tina who works in the office was also amazing. Tina helped us with gathering the required paperwork for our insurance company and lender. Tina really tried to make it painless. We have to give the whole crew at ABC a big Kudos. Would highly recommend ABC Contracting for home remodeling or asbestos more
This company did some asbestos removal for me and put all new flooring in my basement. They are great company to work with. Went above and beyond for me. They finished ahead of schedule and my new flooring looks amazing. Would highly recommend this company for and home remodeling or asbestos more
My basement flooded and the project manager Will came out and was very helpful. His team removed the water and asbestos found during the demo in a timely manner. I would highly recommended this more
An amazing company to work with. We had an issue with a faulty installation with a dishwasher which resulted in mold on a wall that ran through the kitchen, living room, and hallway as well as water damage to the floors and cabinets. In less than two weeks ABC had done the demolition and completely redone the kitchen, floor, and even replaced the dishwasher. They communicated with us in ways the big box stores simply did not and were more than helpful. They even had the owner of the company come out before Thanksgiving to do a spot clean and make sure we were happy with everything they had done. With everything we had to deal with working with this company made what was a nightmare endurable and I would HIGHLY recommend if you need work done contact these people. They definitely know what they are doing and if they don't they will find people who can! 🙂read more
Had asbestos removed from my home very friendly crew and clean job.
I am thoroughly impressed with this company! We hired them to remove asbestos tile from our house in Wentzville and they did a fantastic job. They kept everything very clean and were very knowledgeable, professional, educational and nice. I will definitely recommend them to all of my friends and family!read more