Professional Asbestos Testing St Louis

At ABC Contracting our inspectors can inspect your home or building and assess the conditions by testing the samples of any materials suspected of having asbestos. Then they will give you advice on what steps you need to correct the problem.  If the inspectors determine that there is a need for removal, then the inspector can ensure the contractor has followed the correct protocol, which would include cleaning up and will also monitor the air ensuring there is not an increase of toxic fibers in the air.

Our inspections include a visual exam of the area as well as the collection and analysis of the samples.  If asbestos is found, we provide a written report stating the location and the amount of damage.  Recommendations for removal will be made, and checks are performed to make sure the area is cleaned properly.

Some areas that could be tested are surface materials such as sprayed or troweled on plaster ceilings, decking or fireproofing materials such as insulation.  Thermal insulation examples would be pipes, boilers, tanks, and ducts, as well are the tape used on the ducts.  Other miscellaneous types of asbestos can be found in the ceiling or floor tiles, cement panels, siding and roofing materials.  There can all be areas of concern that the inspector can test for.

Once the asbestos has been removed and abated our inspectors can go back in and check the air quality to ensure there are no fibers in the air that could cause health problems down the road.  It is not only important to have it removed, but also to ensure the area has been left clean of any contaminants.

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